Advertima Team up with Zurich Uni to Market AI-based DOOH

After two years of joint research, Advertima Smart Signage are releasing a lower-cost, higher ROI AI-based signage solution

Advertima and the Federal Technology Institute ETH Zurich are commercialising an accessible AI solution for digital signage after two years of joint research. By reducing hardware costs by half while providing market-leading capabilities, Advertima Smart Signage’s new release marks a turning point in the evolution of DOOH, enabling brick-and-mortar retailers to capitalise on AI-driven targeting and analytics to generate immediate and unequaled ROI.

To solve OOH’s most urgent challenge – to truly understand people in real-time in the physical world – Advertima has heavily invested in research since the start. In line with their commitment to bring computer vision technology with real value to the market, Advertima and ETH Zurich’s project, funded by Innosuisse, has helped increase the performance and the accuracy of edge computing and real-time smart-targeting technology for digital signage solutions. As a result, cheaper hardware can now be used to deliver the highest performance currently available on the market to transform digital signage networks into an immediately profitable media product.

Advertima Smart Signage is now available without any initial capital investment – only requiring a yearly license fee payment – increasing ROI for retailers. Only through a joint research project between one of the world’s top tech universities and the market leader in digital signage technology is Advertima able to deliver a new standard in digital signage. With smart-targeting, analytics, and automated ad booking and delivery capabilities, the holistic and turnkey solution connects the media buying industry with in-store audiences to generate a significant new revenue stream for retailers.

“Innovation is not only about developing world-class technology. It’s also about successfully bringing it to market. Lower hardware and implementation costs are key for AI to go mainstream,” says Iman Nahvi, Co-Founder and CEO of Advertima. “We already proved that we could deliver real value to our customers through nationwide rollouts. Now, with this achievement we’re able to further increase the ROI for them and shape the industry.”

“Seeing research and engineering come together to build impactful real-world products is the reason we’re collaborating with industry partners,” says Prof. Dr. Luc Van Gool, Professor for Computer Vision at ETH Zurich.