Big Pharma Goes Bigger with AI Signage

TopPharm chooses Advertima to roll out first AI-powered and performance-based digital signage network in pharmacies

TopPharm has selected computer vision company Advertima to implement their AI solution with 240 digital screens in 120 pharmacies in Switzerland by June 2021. This digital signage network enables TopPharm to become the first pharmacy brand offering offline media space with real-time targeting capabilities and performance-based pricing models for their supplier brands and other advertisers — making their pharmacies a channel of choice for over-the-counter medicine and DOOH advertising. For the project, Advertima collaborates with industry experts, Cingerine, Adtrac, B+T Bild+Ton AG, and Freaky Swep to provide a turnkey and easy-to-use solution that brings financial and strategic benefits to TopPharm.

Advertima’s GDPR compliant AI solution for digital signage enables brick-and-mortar pharmacies and multi-brand retailers to leverage their stores’ visitors by having the same customer insights and capabilities as the online world. With real-time data and Adtrac, an automated ad booking platform, Advertima Smart Signage connects the media buying industry to TopPharm’s in-store visitors and passersby, providing TopPharm with a new revenue stream, while also strengthening their media and data packages for their supplier brands. With Advertima Smart Signage, pharmaceutical brands and third-party advertisers can target real and verified audiences according to their age and gender in the physical world while respecting people’s privacy and getting an ROI for their campaigns.

“Advertima, Cingerine, and Adtrac enable us to maintain our innovative edge and become a channel of choice for the over-the-counter medicine advertising industry,” says Kevin Eggli, Head of Marketing at TopPharm. “Thanks to AI, we are able to create our own easy-to-operate media business for our digital signage network, bringing us an undeniable competitive advantage, while enhancing customer experience in our stores.”

“Putting AI at the core of the media product is crucial to bringing true benefits to the digital signage network’s owner,” says Iman Nahvi, Co-Founder and CEO of Advertima. “Rolling out a  project like this is only possible thanks to an innovative company like TopPharm and the collaboration of our partners, Cingerine, B+T Bild+Ton AG, Freaky Swep, Adtrac, and a Swiss leading media agency for digital point-of-sale communication at pharmacies and drugstores.”