Big Screen Video and HTS Group are enhancing their digital signage service in response to strong demand.

Two leading digital signage organisations are responding to industry growth in outdoor signage by providing a partnership offering levels of service and expertise previously unseen in Oceania.

Big Screen Video and HTS Group have been involved with signage and activations projects for decades, and have stepped up their combined services in response to a steady expansion of outdoor digital signage in recent years.

“Digital outdoor signage is one of the most effective ways to get a highly targeted and engaging message across, but product quality and post-installation service are the key to a project’s success,” says Mr Brett Delaney, Chief Operations Officer, Big Screen Video, which supplies digital signage to industries such as retail, transit, sport, education, hospitality and a broad range of industries requiring outdoor signage, activations and mobile LED setups.

“Static signs still play an important role in certain areas, but the trend is very strongly leaning towards digital signage across all the major market sectors. We’ve seen demand for digital outdoor signage more than double over the past decade, which has resulted in strong sales in this area,” said Mr Delaney.

“HTS Group is an outstanding partner in this regard. They have helped us with the installation and service across scores of major projects; many with tight deadlines. We’ve found that they share our values of long-term thinking and consistent customer satisfaction,” he said.

HTS Group – which specialises in vehicle, traffic, access, parking and sports technologies as well as digital signage – is a major distributor of Big Screen Video’s product ranges, as well as a long-term service and structural installation partner.

“Working with such a visual medium means reliability is crucial. If just one string of LEDs go down, an entire sign can lose its overall message. We need to be there to fix it promptly,” says Mr Delaney.

“HTS Group is a valuable partner, because nothing is ever too much trouble for them. They truly go the extra mile to ensure quality, reliability and fast service.”

Four qualities of a good digital signage provider

Digital signage is everywhere around us – from the exterior of buildings, to billboards and roadside signs and from the local pub to educational institutions. There are four important factors to consider when thinking about installing digital signage, says Mr Delaney.

  1. Quality product. There is no use investing time and money into a big sign, if it’s going to break down, or doesn’t have the right weatherproofing.
  2. Safety. During installation and ongoing safety should be paramount. Signs are often positioned above areas where people walk, cycle or drive, so confirming with all safety Standards and best practices is essential.
  3. Minimal disruptions. With signage often appearing in places of work, or areas of high traffic volume, it’s important that the installation team are experienced and know how to minimise disruptions to businesses and municipal facilities, including roads, infrastructure and public spaces.
  4. Post-installation service and support. This is one of the most important qualities that a digital signage provider can offer. Having prompt service, problem-solving expertise and a can-do attitude are vital to a successful digital signage installation.

“HTS Group’s product, service and installation experience, combined with their technicians’ solutions-focused approach have helped Big Screen Video consistently deliver on all of these aspects,” said Mr Delaney.

Expansion throughout Oceania

HTS Group Managing Director Noel Maharaj says the complementary strengths of both organisations is driving growth across the Oceania region.

“With our HQ in New Zealand and Big Screen Video’s HQ in Australia, it allows each company to work with an established company that already has experience in their respective country as well as on-the-ground support,” he said.

“We’re also using our established success formula to expand into neighbouring countries like Fiji and Papua New Guinea, where digital signage is particularly useful for tourist and transportation areas.”

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