Heinemann Squares Up with Aurora LED

It can be tough to stand out from the crowd. In the halls of Sydney Airport’s International Departures, retailing is taken to another level. Digital signage plays a key role in attracting attention. So much so, in fact, that ‘ordinary’ LCD and video walls can sometimes lack the impact you might regularly expect.

Heinemann Duty Free, was well aware of this trap. It wanted something high-impact and something that would clearly differentiate its offering.

Heinemann approached Avico Electronics with an interesting brief: a four-faceted LED ‘cube’ for its flagship duty free store at Sydney Airport International terminal.

The cube needed to have ‘seamless’ corner joins. The cube would be taller than it would be wide (approx. 900m wide by 1200mm high) to effectively ‘box’ a large structural column. The installation would need to look superb and attract top-end advertising clients, such as luxe liquor suppliers.


Avico spec’ed Aurora LED for the project. The Aurora LED tiles are fine pixel pitch (P1.8), providing all the resolution needed to display the high-end content. The display uses Qbic media players and a Smartsign CMS.

Avico took the inevitable Sydney Airport security restrictions in its stride — working over three nights, after hours.

The resulting installation is eye popping. With a 1500 nits capacity, the screen has all the brightness needed (and more) to attract attention. More than that, the fine pixel-pitch resolution and superior colour rendition has instantly attracted high-end advertisers who guard their image (and the integrity of their trademark brand colours) extremely fiercely.

The innovative four-faceted LED augments an existing 8m x 4m Aurora LED display. The hi-def P3.9mm indoor SMD screen packs 3000-nit brightness capacity, is front serviceable, and features 16-bit greyscale, and 1/8-second scan rate performance. Behind the scenes is Novastar control gear (2 x VX4 processors) and Crestron control, which takes care of temperature and brightness sensing along with event triggering.

Westan (Aurora LED Signage): 1300 963 963 or www.westan.com.au

Avico: (02) 9624 7977 or www.avico.com.au