Hi-Res Wall: The 65-inch LG OLED Video Wall display features 4K UHD resolution, providing an impressive canvas when bound together.

OLED innovations keep coming

LG continues to find new and innovative ways to roll out its OLED display technology. The recently launched ‘Wallpaper’ commercial display really is something to behold. It’s razor thin, lightweight, flexible and customisable. The only thing that it isn’t, is cheap: but if you have a high-end installation that requires a stunning display solution then you owe it to yourself to investigate LG’s product.


LG isn’t the only vendor doing OLED but it’s by far the most market-ready — LG has a suite of OLED based product (including Dual-View Flat and Curved-Tiling) that’s ready to roll. If you’ve not seen OLED in action then you’ll be amazed by the awe-inspiring picture with perfect blacks and incredible colour, even from wide viewing angles. The superior colour and contrast is down to the fact that each pixel is turned on and off completely, meaning off is truly black rather than doing its best to block out light.


Boasting accurate colour reproduction, ‘limitless’ colour contrast and wide viewing angles ideal for any high-end installation, the LG OLED Wallpaper commercial display undoubtedly represents a new way to display eye-catching content. The 55-inch display weighs less than 6kg and has a razor-thin depth that is just 3.65mm.

The Wallpaper display can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for a customisable display design. Ultra-slim mounting brackets with a magnetic mat create a seamless design that becomes one with the wall. Electronic components are housed in a separate control box connected to the display with a 2m cable.

The LG OLED Wallpaper commercial display offers a full HD picture (1920 x 1080) and ultra-fast motion-picture response time for a lifelike viewing experience. The display offers 64GB of internal memory, content scheduling and wi-fi connectivity through the use of a wi-fi USB dongle for ease of installation and end-user operation.

Glassy: LG’s In-Glass Wallpaper provides a classy display alternative, shipping in standing or hanging options.


That’s the big news. Just to wrap up some other additions you may not have caught up with: In-Glass Wallpaper is designed with dual-sided ultra-slim OLED panels in a glass pane. The In-Glass Wallpaper LG OLED display is perfect for boutiques, art galleries and other businesses that want to add a sophisticated touch to their interior décor. The solution will be available in standing and hanging versions to provide businesses flexible options.


The new 65-inch LG OLED Video Wall display is planned for imminent release. The display features a 4K UHD resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and ultra-wide viewing angles. When tiled together, the displays create an eye-catching video wall that’s bound to add artistic value and enhance consumer engagement in premium spaces including museums, airport lounges and high-end retail environments.


The Dual-View Curved Tiling LG OLED displays offer a beautifully curved design using slim tiles to form customisable displays that link combinations of two to eight tiles together. The 65-inch portrait display boasts a depth under 9mm, and an eye-catching, dual-sided view to offer customers a two-sided experience while providing retailers a way to utilise their space efficiently. Each screen boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160), showcasing a bigger, bolder and more lifelike viewing experience to capture consumer attention effortlessly. High-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) and a 128GB internal memory capacity enable perfect UHD-synced playback without the need for PCs or media players.


The Dual-View Flat LG OLED display also offers a space-efficient dual-sided view to provide customers a two-sided media experience in full HD (1920 x 1080). With an even slimmer depth, measuring under 8mm and three different installation options, this 55-inch flat OLED commercial display allows retailers to plan a more efficient layout while utilising a high-end display solution. Additionally, the display has the unique ability to swap and mirror content on either side of the screen with a simple press of a remote control button. The screen can be installed in three customisable ways — ceiling suspension, wall-mount and floor stand — to allow the most efficient use in any retail space.

LG Commercial: 1300 547 253 or lg.com.au/commercial

Wafer Thin: LG’s 55-inch OLED Wallpaper display weighs less than 6kg and has a razor-thin depth of just 3.65mm.