A Samsung dual-sided display changes the Lush retail landscape.

Story: Christopher Holder

Lush is as fiercely independent as it is vibrantly colourful and innovative.

Since its inception in 1995, the privately-held company (based in the UK) has always done business on its own terms, and has been the better for it.

Beneath the colourful exterior, beats an activist’s heart. Lush is concerned about the planet and all its inhabitants.

Lush landed in Australia in 1997 and now has some 36 outlets nationwide. The stores are a real sensory explosion and the carefully hired staff ensure the retail experience is quirky and joyous.


In recent times, Lush has been experimenting with digital signage. 

The trial began with an LED shopfront display. But the Lush property team weren’t enamoured by the ugly backside of the screen that was hard to conceal when in-store.

The team improvised and trialled a double-sided screen in its Hornsby store. The two-display combination achieved many of its aims but remained unsightly — unwieldy in its width and with all the associated electronics wedged between the screen, maintenance was difficult.

Then the slimline Samsung double-sided signage display product hit the market and changed everything. For Property Development Manager, Michelle Brindle, it was love at first sight: “We love this screen. Thanks to being a lot thinner and lighter is been far easier to install. It doesn’t take up nearly as much space, especially now we can store the media player up and out of the way.”

The Samsung panel replaces traditional light box transparency promotions in the flagship Bondi Junction Westfield location, and the advantages are clear: Lush can be more responsive, bringing its topical messaging into the store in a more timely way; Lush can rotate a number of promotions and messaging on the one screen; and Lush saves on cardboard and plastic.

“Lush is environmentally conscious,” notes Michelle Brindle. “We are always looking for ways to reduce our waste and printing, which is a plus for the digital signage. We are also doing more than promoting product, we have other campaigns we pursue such as our position against cruelty to animals — we can respond to events such as the Melbourne Cup, for example.”


Supporting the digital activation is Lush’s technical partner, TechMedia. TechMedia is now in its 20th year and provides end-to-end managed services, in addition to installation and support. TechMedia can also provide content production and management, data integration and bespoke software development. Back-ending the signage is the powerful Scala software platform which provides the flexibility to connect with other software with third-party systems and databases so that content is always targeted and relevant.

“Our team manages thousands of Samsung screens across Australia and New Zealand,” explains TechMedia Managing Director, Norman Cantrell. “It’s very important that after we’ve delivered a solution we’re there every step of the way as the network grows and engages more and more customers.”

“We rely on TechMedia to remote monitor the signage,” states Michelle Brindle. “They take care of any maintenance and will step in, in a timely way if there’s a problem.”

“It’s been great working with Lush,” reflects Norman Cantrell. “They’re a brand that’s really in tune with the customer experience. And, for our part, we’re focusing on bringing solutions to market that further enhance and personalise the shopping experience and in turn move the sales needle.” 

Lush remains committed to its roots of creativity and invention. A dual-sided, slimline display such as the Samsung OMN-D provides the Lush creative team with the marketing canvas it deserves.

Lush: au.lush.com

TechMedia: (02) 9526 7880 or techmedia.com.au


Samsung’s OMN-D Series is a dual display with screens on both sides, allowing retailers to maximise messaging. The window-facing screen features bright visuals and prominent positioning, giving passersby motivation to enter the store. Once inside, indoor-facing displays enhance the shopping experience with content promoting sales, new merchandise and additional information about the store and its services. This single display reduces equipment and installation costs, increasing operational efficiency, compared to installing two separate displays.

  • Ultra-high brightness (3000 nits on the street side; 1000 nits on the store side) emphasising content, regardless of the lighting conditions
  • Slim and contemporary design that seamlessly integrates into any display window
  • Easy content management with a built-in management solution (Techmedia used a Scala player for this job)

Samsung: 1800 313233 or businessdesk@samsung.com