Moon Dog World makes big screens a priority

Story: Christopher Holder

A Moon Dog brew is always something special and very often something really quite out of this world. Some 10-plus years ago, when the rest of Australia was beginning to question why they were only drinking ‘a big cold beer’ rather than a beer with some hops and flavour, three Melbourne blokes were taking things way further, experimenting with barrel ageing and exotic flavours. Moon Dog was and is never meant to be a competitor to the huge multinationals but its new brewery HQ in Preston gives the craft brewer some serious capacity.

Moon Dog World is the new retail showcase for the brewer. It occupies a significant chunk of the factory site in Preston and has a 700+ capacity. It’s quirky, original, and is the perfect way to enjoy some of the most innovative beer flavours going around.


The Moon Dog World AV is based around an Audac background music system a BluStream video-over-IP
TV setup and a super-sized Philips LED display in the
beer garden.

The BluStream system replaces a conventional MATV-style setup, offering low-latency BluStream Multicast UHD distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB network switch. Using lossless compression technology, Multicast delivers HDMI, IR, RS-232 and USB/KVM up to lengths of 100m over a single Cat cable. The beauty of Multicast is its flexibility and ease of installation —  you don’t need any networking smarts.

The venue has six main sources — three Foxtel boxes plus two free-to-air set top boxes, with another source available for Apple TV, Fetch and the like. An additional source is positioned at the bar to accept the HDMI output from a customer’s laptop. The sources feed various screens around the venue — the latest Philips Q Line Commercial 4K displays in 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes.


The Philips LED display in the beer garden is a show stopper. The 137-inch hi-def screen is huge but appropriately enormous given the large area and viewing distances. The image is outstanding and provides a stunning focus on game day.

Moon Dog directors Karl van Buuren and Josh UIljans have been delighted:

Karl: The large screen TV in the beer garden really helps us to cater to the big sporting events. Josh and I are big AFL and cricket fans. And even in the Abbotsford Bar, whenever the cricket’s on or finals footy, we’d put on a big party.

Josh: The pleasure of watching live sport in the beer garden on one of the biggest TVs in town is a real delight. The big screen brings people together, it’s a shared experience for 200 people, which is something special.

Corsair Solutions (Philips LED): (03) 9005 9861 or

Westan (Philips Commercial Displays): 1300 963 963 or

BluStream: (03) 8691 1999 or

Audio Logistics (Audac):