To satisfy customer needs, SpinetiX has developed a complete digital signage solution of which Elementi software is a key component.

SpinetiX’ vision of digital signage is data-driven where engaging screen content is automatically generated and updated by connecting data from user everyday tools for an ultimate digital experience. Every aspect of this vision is expressed in the design of Elementi.

Thanks to more than 250 included widgets, Elementi securely connects to media, calendars, spreadsheets, social feeds and many more data from user everyday tools. As a result, creating dynamic and captivating content on display has never been easier.

“At SpinetiX we have always been convinced of data-driven digital signage being the future. Today, businesses would like to leverage their data offering an omnichannel digital experience to engage with their customers and employees,” said Francesco Ziliani, CEO of SpinetiX.

“The new Elementi is the perfect expression of our vision,” he added. The new Elementi is designed to integrate further with everyday corporate tools such as Microsoft Office 365 including Yammer, Excel graphs, SharePoint lists, and PowerApps. This innovation brings more opportunities than ever for corporate clients to share more of their data in a meaningful way to the right audience.

Furthermore, the new Elementi simplifies the integration of interactive digital signage experiences, highly valued by education and corporate customers. Indeed, the newly enhanced interactivity widgets facilitate getting feedback and providing wayfinding with useful information to visitors.

In the true open-source spirit of Elementi, the new version integrates with more data sources and more third party content services like weather, finance, and traffic. This brings an unmatched flexibility to engage with audiences in a smarter way.

SpinetiX: www.spinetix.com/elementi
Australian Distributor: www.madisontech.com.au