SpinetiX Live Video Customer Support Kiosks

A collaborative and interactive solution for high-value customer relationships; live video customer support with touch screen

Spinetix announces an integrated solution combining digital signage screens and livechat video technology. It provides a on-site collaboration and communications platform designed for forward thinking businesses, smart cities, and institutions. With this live-agent video calling solution, clients can remain efficient while engaging in real-time customer conversations from any location.

Retail – Equipping stores with SpinetiX-powered live video customer support kiosks reduces the cost of business and allows them to reach out to more customers. When the kiosk is not used for customer service, the screen shows the latest offers or can serve as a way-finding tool. This helps enhance customer experience, connect them with the right people on teams, and in the meantime engage them with your marketing messages.

Banking – Provide personalised customer service with video-enabled live agents who can efficiently help and advise clients for non-teller banking needs. Customers enjoy a lifelike and in-branch experience with the firms’ best experts cost-efficiently spread remotely across the organisation.

Healthcare & Telehealth – Comply with health-safety standards while providing live virtual care. With powerful integrated technology like sensors for measuring temperature, face-mask scan, and video camera for live-agent video calling, healthcare providers can expedite triage, disposition non-acute cases, and provide timely consults.

Transportation & Smart City – Create safer and more connected travel and commuting experiences. Build on top of already existing public signage displays with powerful integrated video-call technology. Help travelers and tourists get live support on the spot. Reduce traffic and lines at physical information desks.

The live-agent solution features the SpinetiX HMP400 player combined with the DSOS KIOSK License, making use of RichCall-powered video calling.

SpinetiX: spinetix.com
Australian Distributor: madisonav.com.au