Digital signage as an internal communication tool reaching more than 1’300 employees across multiple production sites at AGCO

AGCO designs, manufactures, and distributes agricultural machinery and solutions thanks to its unique know-how and renowned brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Valtra, and Massey Ferguson. The company partnered with SpinetiX to equip its engineering and manufacturing centre located in Beauvais, France, the site where Massey Ferguson® tractors are produced. It is the largest AGCO production site in Europe and the most important in France.

The SpinetiX digital signage solution installed was chosen for its intuitiveness and scalability, its ability to easily broadcast information to all employees as well as its flexibility to manage and distribute content centrally across multiple screens without requiring manual updates.


The new installation established itself as the communication platform of choice for transmitting information to more than 1300 employees spread across 3 internal areas in a simple and efficient manner. The benefits are evident in particular for production- line teams who do not otherwise have access to communication tools when at work such as a laptops or company-supplied phones. The solution offered by SpinetiX answered all the end customer’s challenges which included:

  • To help develop a new multi-site internal communication channel and connect all employees, strengthen their sense of belonging and commitment to the company
  • With that, to easily disseminate corporate information and make it accessible to all staff members regardless of their activity within the company
  • To optimize an existing network of displays located across the site
  • To centralize content management with automated and live updates that do not require manual on-site intervention
  • To allow for minimum investment during future system expansions
  • In particular, to have a system that is flexible and scalable enough to meet the current and future needs of the company
  • To offer reliable technology with a proven track record that requires minimal maintenance


In order to meet the requirements of the project, AGCO Group relied on the expertise and support of the SpinetiX team and their complete digital signage solution. The solution includes the cloud-based digital signage platform called SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise, combined with SpinetiX HMP300 media players.

SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise – Cloud-based Visual Communication
Thanks to its intuitive interface, the SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise digital signage cloud platform allows one or more users to create and distribute content in a simple and efficient way on any display part of the installation.

SpinetiX ARYA only requires a internet connection to operate, which makes it easy to use and accessible from anywhere, anytime. It is therefore the ideal platform for users who want to quickly create effective and engaging visual communications.

“We selected SpinetiX specifically because of the SpinetiX ARYA cloud platform. It met our needs because it is intuitive, and therefore easy to adopt and set up content right from the start. In addition, support comes right from within the solution in the form of live chat.”

Anita-Sophie Bado Internal Communication Manager & Local PR, AGCO

SpinetiX HMP300 players – Robust, secure, and easy to install
25 SpinetiX HMP300 players are installed across three sites to distribute information from the head office to employees. The displays of varying brands and types are located in a number of workspaces and, in particular, in the remote production line site which is located far from the management office building.

The SpinetiX HPM300 players are perfectly suited to meet the most demanding digital signage applications and were selected by AGCO for their high reliability and robustness. The SpinetiX players provide 24/7 secure operation, thanks to their plug-and-play design and lack of moving parts. Combined with the SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise cloud platform, they provide the ease of use and flexibility that the end user needs to distribute content to multiple remote sites from a centralised location.

Create attractive visual experiences to promote team engagement
The main objective of the digital signage installation at the AGCO group’s engineering and manufacturing centre is to enable all employees, and more particularly those working at the several remote production sites, to receive information transmitted by management. The SpinetiX digital signage installation connects all teams through quality internal communication that strengthens team spirit and allows everyone to feel part of the broader team and company.

From corporate communication to targeted on-site information
The AGCO Group has a corporate TV channel on which a communications manager in charge of content broadcasts messages transmitted globally to all teams and sites. This ranges from general institutional information, to brand- and new-product information, to messages intended for visitors, to safety instructions in compliance with protocols in force during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When deploying the digital signage solution, AGCO realised that in addition to this general information transmitted to all sites, it would be relevant to use the network of screens to broadcast targeted departmental communication such as scheduled meetings and other information internal to each department/site. The SpinetiX solution installed at AGCO perfectly meets this new company need with the user-roles management feature of SpinetiX ARYA where a representative from each department has editing rights to the respective targeted content. AGCO refers to these representatives as “communication ambassadors”.

With SpinetiX ARYA, communication ambassadors can create specific content with photos or videos directly related to their department and publish it on the displays part of their particular site complementing the already existing sequence of global corporate content.

Flexible digital signage technology
Before the deployment of the SpinetiX digital signage solution, the AGCO Group already had a communication system that consisted of a network of screens but used it on a limited scale. The installation in place required manual per-screen updates via USB keys. This complicated the dissemination and update of information, making this communication channel inefficient.

Thanks to its flexibility, the SpinetiX digital signage solution made it possible to optimise the network of screens already in place and to centralise content creation, update, and distribution.

A scalable solution that adapts to the needs of the end customer
The scalability of SpinetiX digital signage technology allows the installation to evolve according to the needs of the end user. The end customer can easily update the installation, add new features or new content, appoint new content managers without having to change hardware or the cloud platform. AGCO can easily expand the network if necessary, with more players or add more people responsible for the content. On the content side, the SpinetiX ARYA platform takes care of newly implemented features and security updates on a regular basis.

Digital signage for all employees throughout the site

AGCO’s engineering and manufacturing centre includes administrative offices and several remote production sites that now benefit from communication coming directly form the headquarters.

Production line
Communication displayed on screens allows employees working on production lines and away from management to have quick and easy access to company information without having additional communication tools and without having to be physically present in the office.

Break areas
Employee break areas have screens conveniently located near coffee machines. Employees therefore benefit from live information when going to these spaces during breaks.

Reception areas
Welcome screens located throughout the office buildings conveniently display the name and photo of guests and their appointments next to corporate and safety information.


A system that helps corporate culture transpire
The SpinetiX digital signage installation at AGCO’s engineering and manufacturing centre creates a coherent internal communications channel for all employees regardless of the department in which they work. The flexible and dynamic content distribution system based on the SpinetiX ARYA cloud platform allows multiple users to easily create and distribute information from the head office to all sites regardless of geographical distance.

Employees particularly appreciate this new communication channel as it provides them with real-time flow of information. Communication is now more fluid between employees of different departments despite the distance between sites and this has helped strengthen the feeling of cohesion and team spirit in the organisation as a whole. The locations where the screens are installed allow employees to have access not only to information, but also to meet and discuss together.

Evolving according to company needs
The scalability of the solution is such that the system can easily evolve according to the needs of the organisation. AGCO plans to add a fourth production site in Beauvais, France in the future which would ultimately require for more screens. Regardless of the number of newly added displays, the centralised content management foundation of the system provided by SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise remains the same. This greatly simplifies future deployments. In addition, as desired by the company, the cloud-based solution SpinetiX ARYA makes it easy to create targeted department-based content and add multiple users responsible for content management as needed.

Minimal maintenance
The SpinetiX HMP digital signage players installed at AGCO sites are specially designed for digital signage applications requiring a high level of security and reliability. They are easy to install and maintenance is minimal thanks to a robust design dedicated to signage. In addition, the SpinetiX ARYA cloud platform does not require any on- site maintenance by the end user. New functionalities and maximum uptime are managed remotely by SpinetiX engineers.

SpinetiX: spinetix.com
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