Fusion Signage CMS Woks A Treat

There are some 100 Noodle Box and Wokinabox quick service restaurants across Australia. Each is to receive an impressive digital upgrade.

As a franchise, a restaurant undergoes a mandatory five-yearly refresh, and in this round digital menuboards will provide a new customer focus. 

The new digital menuboards display the standard menu but can also provide local area marketing and a place to advertise a local menu addition. Moreover, Schweppes is on board, contributing to the cost of the rollout in exchange for marketing of its beverage offering.

The typical retail configuration sees four Philips D Line 43-inch commercial panels arrayed in the ‘canopy’ area above the counter where customers places their order. The entire digital menuboard network is managed by the Fusion Signage CMS, thanks to a Prendi design. 

Stephen Russell is AR Concepts National Project Manager, charged with the responsibility of the nationwide rollout.

“I’ve had plenty of experience with Philips,” commented Stephen Russell. “I recently specified D Line and, prior to that, the Q Series of Philips commercial displays in a 500-screen digital menuboard rollout for a US pizza delivery chain. The D Line has always been a reliable and a solid performer.


“I hadn’t worked with the Fusion Signage CMS until I joined AR Concepts,” continued Stephen Russell. “It was already being implemented and our graphic designer reported he was very happy with it — it does what we need it to do in a QSR environment.

“Using Fusion, we can load our static menuboard designs as well as MP4s if we need to. 

“It’s easy to operate. Our scheduling people can apply day parts, as well as territories and regions, and we can quickly see the status of the screens at any particular time.

“It’s a great-value package that does what we need it to do.”

And how has the rollout been going thus far?

“We’re about 20 percent of the way through the rollout and our franchisees are already reporting good results. 

“The digital menuboards are really driving the ‘limited time’ sales, and the customers are commenting that the menuboards are easy to read and provide an extra level of interest.

“Schweppes likes the platform as well — they’re very keen. The screens give them a good return on investment when their promotions are displayed.”

Westan (Philips, Fusion Signage): 1300 963 963 or