Wellington International Airport lands new VuePix Signage 

Travellers arriving at the Wellington International Airport are being welcomed by brand new VuePix Infiled Digital Signage Platforms.

The VuePix team worked closely with the team at QMS New Zealand and the team at Wellington International Airport to specify and supply new digital media platforms for the arrivals area at the domestic terminal.

The terminal underwent a major upgrade in 2019, transforming the busy domestic arrivals area into a world-class transportation hub.

The digital signage project was managed by integration partners HTS Group, working alongside the team at Wellington International Airport.

Two 86-inch double sided LCD kiosks were installed at the baggage carrousel area, a great spot to capture the attention of all travellers arriving to the city. The LCD kiosks were bolted to the carrousel’s central platform by custom steel legs.With a 4K resolution on each display, they provide a perfect digital advertising opportunity, right in view of all the passengers while they wait for their luggage to arrive.

Scala Media Players are used to control and optimise the content.

A stunning ultra-high resolution VuePix Digital Wallpaper display has been installed within the stairway area of domestic arrivals. Over four meters wide and 2 meters high, this LED screen with a 2.5mm pixel pitch is perfectly positioned within the domestic terminal, surely not to be missed by anyone landing in Wellington.

Thanks to its ultra-thin profile and an intuitive slim line mounting system, the LED wall has been seamlessly attached to the existing structure, resulting in a sleek high-definition digital canvas with superior image quality. The LED screen is controlled by a NovaStar MCTRL600 controller with a Scala media player running the content. The front service modules of the Wallpaper screen allow for efficient hassle-free maintenance.All media content for the new digital platforms is being managed by QMS New Zealand.

This has been another great opportunity for the team, working closely with integration partners at HTS Group, helping to transform New Zealand’s busy hubs & destinations with the latest digital technology.

The Wellington International Airport has been awarded ‘The Airport of the Year’ by the New Zealand Airports Association in the last two consecutive years.

VuePix: vuepix.tv