LCD video walls remain the most popular means of producing large format signage. LED is fast catching up. Both have their advantages. LCD has the advantage on price but the price of fine pixel pitch LED is fast coming down.

Barco UniSee is at the pointy end of LCD video walls. It’s a bezel-less design, boasts a high degree of uniformity at the time of installation and over its service life thanks to real-time and continuous calibration, and enjoys as close as you can get to perfect alignment of the entire wall.


Barco doesn’t come from a background of panel manufacturing, which may account for its ability to design UniSee with a fresh perspective.

It started with the proviso of completely removing the bezel. Tick.

Next up Barco designed a mounting structure that self aligns.

The panels themselves are super long lasting (guaranteed for 100,000 hours in 24/7 operation).

The uniformity within each tile and across the entire video wall is 95%, which prevents the unsightly colour differences and black ‘vignetting’ you see in so many video walls after a year or so of operation.

UniSee is modular, so you can adjust it and evolve the installation over time.


UniSee has been adopted into command and control applications, which is always a good sign of a video wall’s quality, given the mission-critical nature of those spaces. It’s also found its way into high-end boardrooms.

For our purposes, where UniSee really shines in digital signage applications, is in high-impact foyer installations and experience centres. UniSee really allows artistic content to shine and makes the most of the moment business has to engage and impress visitors.

Barco: www.barco.com