VideroLED hits Australia with Instant Success

Story: Christopher Holder

What better way to introduce a large-format LED technology to the market than to put a couple of examples in one of the most high-traffic locations in the country?

Corporate Initiatives (CI) has done exactly that. And in the process it’s ably demonstrated just what VideroLED is capable of.

CI partnered with Camden Signs to install, adjacent to the Westgate Freeway, one of Melbourne’s busiest arterials (with plenty of ‘dwell time’ in peak periods), two large-format signboards (one of which is pictured). The portrait-oriented screens enjoy considerable advertising patronage and demonstrate the brightness and colours possible with VideroLED.

These screens are, in fact, a first for roadside billboards in Australia, offering both an 8mm pixel pitch and an ‘industry leading’ warranty (up to 5 years). The picture quality is particularly vivid, featuring all SMD technology and brightness level up to 7500 nits. However, sophisticated control mechanisms make it easy for VideroLED to be visual pollution compliant. The larger screen is 63sqm, the other is 30.5sqm.

CI has already been enjoying considerable success selling VideroLED into the market, including some high-profile clients such as the MCG and Etihad stadiums, which are sporting VideroLED perimeter and parapet LED advertising screens. Clients are liking the fact that fully customised screens are possible direct from the manufacturer, which is bringing down costs considerably.

I should stress, VideroLED is much more than a generic LED supplier. One of the consortium partners, Videro of Germany has developed and engineered one the most sophisticated content management systems in the world. Few understand the challenges of video content better, whether moving or still images.

CI has years of experience in professional AV design and installation and will help you arrive at the ideal hardware design for the task prior to manufacture. You then have the choice of a turnkey solution that CI can provide or employ your own installation team. Either way, CI will provide the expert assistance you desire. CI will also provide ongoing support and back up the generous factory warranties with a large technical team Australia wide.

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