Case Studies


Active Ceiling Lighting: A structure of highly programmable light fixtures are built into the ceiling structure. Multiple preset videos are used for mapping colours on the light fixtures and for creating the needed ambience at the right moment.

Paradise Casino a Signage Hot Spot

The Paradise Casino is what you might call a true destination. Situated in the deserts of Arizona, the casino is an entertainment oasis. 

A renovation to the main gaming floor saw the installation of a number of large digital screens, video walls, and active ceiling lighting. 

The casino engaged I-5 Design Build and Praece Consulting to help them use the technology to create a synchronised and dynamic ambience across the entire gaming floor.

The casino’s wishlist included:

  • High-impact visual theming integrated with the existing architectural features of the gaming floor
  • Easy-to-use and change guest ambience including beach, aquatic, and winter themes
  • Dynamic screen content from multiple locations (streaming, pre-programmed animations, and guest messaging)
  • Multi-layer screen content for flexible overlay of messaging on top of visuals
  • A centralised system that is simple to deploy and control

The Reef Bar: Three high-resolution custom-curved LED screens feature an impressive virtual aquarium videowall behind the casino’s bar. The videowall content can be synced with the rest of the displays in the casino and can be changed at a click of a button.


I-5 Design Build has plenty of casino design and reno experience under its belt. I-5 also has years of experience relying on Spinetix hardware, so there was no question it would specify HMP media players for the digital signage and active lighting — they’re bullet proof and they’re able to support multi-layer screen content and network control commands. 

In total, eight HMPs went into the casino. One player is placed behind each of the seven digital signage displays to control content throughout the gaming floor. In addition, one player controls the dynamic ceiling lighting.


Elementi from Spinetix is fast becoming the digital signage software of choice for creating or pre-programming screen content. The signage consultant on this project, Praece Consulting, used Elementi to help create an easy web-based control interface for the casino. The UI can be accessed on one or multiple devices connected to the casino’s secure local network.

The web-based UI runs on iPads and allows casino staff to conditionally display content and messages at any screen location throughout the gaming floor and control lighting. The control interface is a simple web page accessed from a browser. It’s stored on one of the Spinetix HMP media players, so there’s no need for a PC server.


Paradise Casino has been radically transformed, in no small part due to the power and ease of use of the Spinetix digital signage systems.

The synchronised theming delivers a major improvement to the visual impact of the gaming floor and a property-wide upgrade to the image of the casino. The combination of the HMP media players and the Elementi control software has allowed the signage to be managed easily from any location. The transformation is undeniable: dynamic and high-impact.

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Gaming Floor: Four extra wide upper-wall displays feature themed dynamic content and are flexible enough to individually display different messages at different times. The displays are designed to seamlessly fit within the casino’s décor and reinforce the gaming floor’s overall visual ambience.

iPad Web UI: Spinetix’s Elementi software helped create an easy web-based control interface accessed by one or multiple iPads connected to the casino’s LAN.