SpinetiX supports ‘The Graphical Web’ conference

Lausanne, Switzerland, 26 September 2012: SpinetiX got invited to support the first ‘Graphical Web’ conference in Zurich last week to present how the standardization efforts on SVG for WEB applications are directly beneficial to the Digital Signage industry.
The “Graphical Web” conference series are focusing on cool web design, interactivity and everything that is possible with open web graphic standards developed by W3C and the Khronos Group. In the past 9 years these conference series initially focused solely on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which is the technology natively supported by all SpinetiX products. From now on, the organizers are broadening the scope of the conference to also include other web technologies, including JavaScript Libraries, HTML5 video, audio and interactivity.
SpinetiX has anticipated the same strategy. In 2011 the company launched jSignage, a powerful JavaScript Library dedicated to the Digital Signage needs. This library and the associated software tools simplify the development of rich HTML5 video, audio and interactive applications for Digital Signage and the WEB.
“SpinetiX believes in the convergence between the graphical WEB applications and the Digital Signage industry.” says Francesco Ziliani, PhD and SpinetiX Director. “We keep following and supporting W3C standardization efforts to provide to all our customers quality products, authoring tools, libraries and web resources that anticipate the future of the industry and maximize the synergies with the WEB, our largest repository of content and applications. We are very happy to support this conference as Silver Sponsor and have the opportunity to share our results with the technical community.” Ziliani adds.
During the conference SpinetiX has been represented by one of its senior technology architects, Julien Reichel, PhD, who presented to the audience the technical choices adopted by SpinetiX. Ahead of the conference, Reichel’s team was conducting the SVG compliance test on the SpinetiX SVG engine according to the W3C SVG test implementation ( The tests conclude that the company products follow the SVG standards far beyond any other digital signage appliance. The detailed results are available on