MAXHUB Digital Signage

A new all-in-one conferencing solution.

With its wireless screen sharing and systems integration, the MAXHUB Digital Signage amplifies productivity in many spaces. It’s a best-in-class conferencing solution built specifically for BYOD settings and can help to elevate team engagement and productivity. This flexible, all-in-one conferencing solution easily integrates with existing systems in any meeting venue.

Purpose-built to make team meetings more effective, the MAXHUB Digital Signage can improve efficiency in many conditions. Optimising the display by bundling it with other MAXHUB UC products can result in even more pronounced results. Regardless of the space or the number gathered, the MAXHUB Digital Signage can offer a solution with advanced features for simplicity, safety, and flexibility.

Use the MAXHUB Digital Signage in huddle-sized rooms with the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro videobar, and teams can enjoy a superior audio-visual experience. In boardroom-sized venues, the display is easily viewed by every participant. Bundle this product with the MAXHUB BM21 speakerphone and the MAXHUB UC P20 camera for improved communications. It is equally powerful in open spaces, and can boost team engagement with screen sharing for all participants. Pair it with a mobile stand for greater stability and mobility.

MAXHUB Share, incorporated in the MAXHUB Digital Signage, allows for wireless screen sharing across devices and operating systems — all at the click of a button. In addition, it supports image latency of less than 90ms for results verging on real-time streaming. Remote configuration and management, powered by Bytello DMS, saves on labour, equipment installation, and on-site maintenance costs. Managing the MAXHUB Digital Signage remotely, IT administrators are able to transmit content remotely and at any time. With the safety of customers in mind, the MAXHUB Digital Signage has been rigorously tested and is certified for safe use worldwide.

“MAXHUB’s global leadership in the unified communications solutions market is driven by our dedication to providing exceptional products that lower limitations for our customers,” says General Manager Darren Lin. “The MAXHUB Digital Signage is another example of our commitment to creating high-performance, all-in-one solutions that offer more options to match more scenarios.”

Digital Signage is now available for purchase.

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