NanoLumens announced it has entered into a non-exclusive licensing partnership with Minnesota-based Screenfeed, a content production and syndication company.

According to NanoLumens Vice President of Corporate Development Nathan Remmes, NanoLumens will now integrate Screenfeed’s real-time content natively within its core technology platform to provide customers with immediate access to Screenfeed’s most popular dynamic media feeds, including weather, news, and sports information. In addition to the bundled feeds, the integration effectively provides NanoLumens customers with access to a complete menu of fresh ready-made content.

“We are committed to a content strategy that provides our growing customer base with a full range of compelling content that keeps audiences fully engaged with displays that are constantly being updated,” Remmes explained. “This new partnership allows us to deliver around-the-clock news, sports, and weather feeds to viewers, adding further momentum to our strategic goal to transform static displays into dynamic interactive communications platforms.”

According to Steve Glancey, Screenfeed Vice President of Business Development, Screenfeed provides more than 75 different media feeds in image, video and HTML5 formats, ranging from international news and sports, to localised traffic and weather updates. The company currently serves more than 1,500 customers around the world with feeds to more than 85,000 displays.

“We are very pleased to add NanoLumens to the growing list of partners who have turned to Screenfeed’s cloud-based suite of plug-n-play apps,” Glancey said today. “The combination of NanoLumens’ cutting-edge display technology and our beautifully crafted, ready made content is going to take viewer engagement to the next level.”