Omnichannel Strategies with Navori Labs Software

PPDS’ will integrate Navori Labs’ marketing analytics and content display software within new Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail

Navori Labs announces that PPDS, provider of Philips Professional Displays and Solutions, will integrate Navori’s Aquaji marketing analytics and QL digital signage software CMS within its new Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail. The bundled solution includes hardware and software from several digital signage industry innovators, providing systems integrators and retailers with a quick-deployment solution aimed at enhancing the customer experience inside brick-and-mortar stores.

PPDS separately announced the Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail as a revolutionary AI-powered digital signage solution that combines Philips digital signage with intelligent context-aware software and camera technologies. The solution leverages Aquaji’s computer vision software platform to analyse video feeds from embedded or IP-based cameras positioned around stores. The use of Aquaji will at once take retailers’ omnichannel strategies to new heights, and create targeted shopping experiences that complete the customer’s experience online.

Other Aquaji benefits for Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail customers include measuring customer counts, gathering demographic data, and determining length of stay, wait times and attention spans associated with the customer journey. Retailers can make proactive decisions based on the gathered business intelligence, including in-store merchandising and staffing decisions based on peak hour demands, shopper behavioural patterns and more.

Navori’s QL CMS will simplify how users manage, schedule and target dynamic, high-quality digital signage content as part of the overall PPDS solution. Businesses can effectively target the right content for audiences using QL’s context-aware digital signage automation, and make adjustments based on programmed scenarios and live camera feeds.

“Aquaji helps businesses understand consumer habits and profiles, create new opportunities for growth and profitability through stronger visitor engagement, while our QL software can empower retailers to quickly and easily create, schedule and target compelling and dynamic content based on detailed business intelligence,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “We are excited to work with PPDS and their other collaborators at Advantech and Intel to brick-and-mortar retailers enhance targeted shopping experiences for their customers.”

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