Retail Fashion Rethink

PPDS helps redefine retail fashion using Philips videowalls and tablets to create the world’s first fully automated ‘phygital’ shopping experience

PPDS announces 110 of its advanced 4K Philips X-Line videowall displays have been installed inside the new futuristic new Modivo store in Warsaw – the world’s first fully automated ‘phygital’ retail store.

Located inside the 85,000 sqm, Galeria Mlociny shopping mall in Warsaw, Modivo – part of the group – is a leading online fashion retailer, with an online catalogue of more than 70,000 items across nearly 250 brands. These include Armani, Boss, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY, Guess, Kurt Geiger, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, among others.   

Opened in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Modivo store – the first under the Modivo brand – has been designed to offer a revolutionary, modern, more convenient and safer shopping experience to customers, fusing the benefits of both physical and digital, online shopping experiences, with PPDS playing a central role.

Let’s get Phygital

Working with Modivo’s technology partner Nanovo – a Warsaw based specialist in creating digitised spaces for enhanced client attention and engagement – a total of 110 x 55” Philips X-Line 4K Android displays were selected and installed throughout this unique Modivo store.

Designed for 24/7 operation, and with FailOver security (meaning screens never go dark), the installation includes an imposing, near bezel-less 25 x panel Philips videowall, which, thanks to its in-built Pure Colour Pro software for delivering higher luminance through custom colour temperature, creates an illuminating and highly immersive environment for visitors when entering the store, while also being impossible to ignore by passers-by.

Mariusz Chludzinski, Sales Director Poland at PPDS commented: “With consumer shopping behaviour already shifting online, MODIVO had a vision to bring the same speed, convenience, and cost benefits to their physical stores. A volatile global pandemic added to the mix also meant that the store had to be designed in such a way that it could continue operating throughout the most challenging conditions.”

Click and Collect 2.0

Breaking away from tradition, the new futuristic Modivo store design does not feature any stock on the shop floor, creating a more open, cleaner look, with fewer staff. Instead, customers entering the store – a theatre of digital displays showcasing the latest fashions, collections and company branding – sit on dedicated sofas to browse the store’s catalogue using a touch tablet. Running on Nanovo’s proprietary digital in-store platform, SIGNIO, all stock is displayed on an easy-to-use interface, which is directly linked to the store’s adjoining ‘automated warehouse’ (stock room) – which holds more than 100,000 items.

Once a customer has made their selection, they then enter their mobile number on the tablet to receive a unique code. This code can then be presented at the fitting room entrance and, once scanned, the customer is directed to one of eight available fitting rooms. Their items are then made available behind sliding doors located within the fitting room.

In addition, each fitting room – which can even be customised, such as by adjusting the light – is equipped with a wall mounted touch screen display, which shows their initial selection. Again, this display is connected directly to Modivo’s warehouse logistics system for added convenience, allowing customers to view and amend their selections (for instance, by adding new items and sizes), which will again be delivered within moments. The days of leaving the changing room or asking a friend to go and search for items and sizes have gone.

Once the customer has made their final decision, they can confirm their order using the display and leave the fitting room empty handed. The items they wish to buy are then delivered to the collection point where they are paid for, concluding the visit.

Dariusz Sobczak, Board Member, Nanovo, commented: “The retail sector, in the future, will see some incredible changes. MODIVO fits into this transformation by offering its customers a top-of-the-line omnichannel model. It comes down to transferring the experience that customers know from the online world to a physical store’s space.”

Mariusz Chludzinski, Sales Director Poland at PPDS added: “This unique set-up allowed MODIVO to implement a multi-channel sales strategy that achieves their goals of brand efficiency and robustness in an ever-evolving retail landscape. We’re delighted to have played an important role in creating a store for the future and one that we expect to see more examples of around the world. With PPDS, the new Modivo more than stands out in the crowd and provides an experience that customers will want to enjoy time and time again.”

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