Dexus Art Installation / Think Piece

To demonstrate the benefit of an inspiring physical environment to employee wellbeing, workplace specialists Dexus installed ‘Brainwaves’ — open to the public in the lobby of 100 Mount Street, North Sydney.

Users are encouraged to enter the installation and focus on a moment of mindfulness. Using cutting-edge brainwave detection wearables, brain activity is detected and transformed into pulsing and undulating unique artworks on the 16m lobby video wall.

The tech behind Dexus Brainwaves is very impressive too. A modified electroencephalogram (EEG) device reads beta and theta brainwave activity to analyse how focussed someone is. Changes in brainwaves activity triggers real-time reactions via the artistic visualisation on the lobby screen.

The installation demonstrates the importance of both technology and wellbeing to the workspaces of the future.

Mark Hansen, Chief Information Officer at Dexus, explains: “Advancements in technologies such as robotics, the Internet of Things, and augmented and virtual reality, are driving adoption of new technologies in the workplace.”

In a recent survey of over 1100 Dexus customers, interest in using new technology in the workplace was extremely strong with the highest interest recorded for wearable technology at 56%, followed by virtual reality at 54% and digital artwork at 52%.

Brainwaves combines two of these new technologies in an innovative way, by using wearable technology to create the unique digital artworks.


According to Deloitte, wearables are driving workplace productivity and wellbeing in workplace settings such as health care, retail, travel, financial services, and real estate.

“Importantly, employees are excited about the changes new technology can bring so it’s crucial workplaces are up-to-date and providing the best opportunities for workers,” says Hansen.

“Our focus on providing future workspaces will enable employees to harness the latest technology and trends to help make the most of the time spent at work.”

The Brainwaves art installation also showcases the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.

Hansen says: “An inspirational work environment can be a positive catalyst for organisational and cultural innovation and change and has a direct impact on employee wellbeing.”

According to research undertaken by Dexus, more than 70% of office decision makers recognise a great workspace has a positive impact on productivity, job satisfaction, team engagement and culture.

Hansen adds: “As organisations are increasingly focused on the importance of employee wellbeing to business success, they are understanding the benefits to be gained by improving their workspace. The presence of art is one small and easy change an organisation can make.”

Other improvements include access to natural light, plants, sleep/relaxation pods, flexible desk design and sit/stand desks and personal workspace temperature control.