A backyard mega video wall for the millionaire with everything. Pretend for a minute that you’re fabulously wealthy. Now, pretend you have more friends than Mark Zuckerberg. Naturally, you love staging elaborate dinner parties, where your mates drop by your modernist mansion for posh nosh and expensive booze. Your wine might be old-school but you … Read more

Fit For Purpose

Virtual anytime Jane Fonda menuboards. Fitness On Request is a nifty solution to a curly problem in the fitness/health club market: how to offer a broad range of exercise programs regardless of the peaks and troughs in demand, day or night. A touchscreen kiosk makes it easy to browse the library of virtual classes, make … Read more

New Communications Vehicle

Nissan Australia’s corporate communications network. Nissan Australia has kicked its in-house corporate communications into a much higher gear. A completely new and dynamic communications platform has ensured high visibility for relevant information and department metrics. Crystal Clear Business Services worked with Nissan to create a unified, digital messaging platform that delivers business-critical information to employees … Read more


Parramatta’s new big hi-def screen is the envy of the West. Story: Christopher Holder What a year it’s been for the Western Sydney Wanderers. The A-League’s newest team made the grand final in its first season and has attracted a large and loyal following of already-rusted-on supporters. A new team needs a home. And that … Read more


Guzman y Gomez leads the QSR field with a long-view approach to dynamic signage. Story: Christopher Holder You should meet the co-founder of Guzman y Gomez, Steven Marks. He’s a loud-mouthed, fast-talking New Yorker… and, I hasten to add, instantly charming. Steven Marks and Robert Hazan scouted Australia about 10 years ago, and discovered something … Read more

Teachers: Leave Those Kids Alone

Queensland University of Technology squares off with a unique feat of audiovisual engineering. Story: Derek Powell As I walked up to the two-storey high screen, a life-sized whale appeared to eye me curiously. With a lazy flip of his enormous fluke, he disappeared into the distance, leaving the sonorous notes of his mysterious song resonating … Read more

Christie Microtiles

  Wives, girlfriends and significant others, please take note – two blokes in a bar can come up with an interesting idea. In this case it was Christie’s Bob Rushby and Mike Perkins who were inspired by a single malt whisky to dream up Microtiles. In recent months the Canadian projection specialist has criss-crossed the … Read more