Ads Don’t Subtract. But We Delight In The Creative  Issue 1 of DigitalSignage was throbbing with expectation. Like pundits the world over we were barracking for ‘critical mass’, breathlessly anticipating the signage ‘tipping point’, when the messiah would come and legitimise digital signage as an advertising platform.  If only there were enough connected screens around … Read more


Story: Mug Punter As the old saying goes: ‘people aren’t stupid, y’know’. Well, okay, there are a few who have an unfortunate number of dead pixels between their ears. Oh, all right, given we have seven billion folks on the planet, then the small percentage of genuine eejits still represents a fairly large amount of the … Read more


simon stacey

Simon Stacey joined Deloitte Digital this year as its Spatial and Brand Experience Director. Simon brings over 25 years’ experience in aligning the physical and digital brands around the customer journey, communicating brand strategy and creating customer brand experiences. Column: Simon Stacey My background is firmly rooted in retail environments across all sectors. I’ve worked … Read more